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I said in a earlier blog that Geoffrey in 11th century was the first to be called 'Boterel' in Normandy.

But they didn't come from there originally.  France, at that time, consisted only of an area around Paris.  The kings of the Ile-de-France tried to extend their influence to the Northwest, but had problems with Brabant and Flanders.  Worse was to come.

The prosperous shores of England seemed ripe for plucking, and raiders from Denmark, Norway and Sweden duly plucked them.  These Vikings also ventured farther afield to the coasts of what is now northwest France.  The pillaging was easy at first until they came up against the forces of the French king.  For well over a century the kings struggled to expel them, but couldn't.  In 911AD the king created the Viking chief, Rollo/Rolf the Viking, Duke of Normandy - land of the Northmen..   Rollo was the ancestor of Geoffrey Boterel - see 'Early Boterels and Norman Kings' on the website ''.

PS - you can see Les Botereaux where Geoffrey was probably born.

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