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Botterill's Horse


There is a documented connection between a branch of the Botterill family and horse breeding, in that a stallion known as ‘Botterill’s Horse’ contributed to the foundation of the Yorkshire Coach Horse.


With the introduction of macadamised roads, the Cleveland Bay was considered not fast enough, and as a result the Yorkshire Coach Horse came into being. In 1887 a Yorkshire Coach Horse Stud Book was introduced, which contained horses that were three-quarters Cleveland Bay and one-quarter Thoroughbred. The Stud Book was closed in 1936 with the decline of the coaching era.


Botterill’s Horse was the son of Manica (born circa 1707) and the grandson of Darley Arabian (born circa 1700), one of the original three Arabian Thoroughbreds imported in to Britain.

Darley Arabian b. circa 1700

From Victoria County Hist – Yorkshire vol 1

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