Thursday, 19 September 2013

GEORGE WASHINGTON’S Scottish origin?

GEORGE WASHINGTON’S Scottish origin?

What is the evidence for a Scottish origin for George Washington?  Various sites claim that William de Wessington (possibly known previously as William de Hertburn) was the son of Earl Gospatrick of Dunbar or Sir Patrick of the Hirsel.  I can find no sound evidence for this. 

The book at Sunderland City Council I mentioned is ‘Johnson Margot: The Washington family in Britain’, published in 20th century. I must caution again against literal reliance on previous authorities, who are often quoted as gospel.  Do your own research!

Her tree shown below (my apologies for the poor quality), fails to mark any direct connection between William de Hertburn and Gospatrick. William did marry Margaret of Huntingdon, countess of Richmond and Duchess of Brittany, and has in fact only been included as her husband.

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